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-  Corporate Identity:  

-  Promotional Materials:  

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Corporate Identity:

I can design you a brand new logo, or I can rework an existing one. You will be given anything from 5 to 10 options. Then you'll get a chance to pick your favorites or suggest alternatives. These will once again be reworked and then you'll be able to choose a finalized logo. I can also redraw your logo as crisp, vector art. Such artwork can be enlarged without losing quality. There is no flat fee for this, but instead, I'll have to quote you a price after seeing your logo.

Promotional Materials:

Custom Business Card Layouts

Letterhead Designs

Brochures / Pamphlets

Custom Artwork for:
  - Screen Printing
  - Offset Printing
  - Vinyl Stickers
  - Embroidery

Photo Related Services:

In addition to scanning your photos, I can also do advanced photo editing such as photo restoration and/or manipulation. I can repair tears or scratches. I can remove or add objects / individuals. Each project is unique and I'll give you a quote before starting.


Any payments made through the internet are collected through the PayPal service. PayPal allows you to use several payment methods, including credit card transactions. If you do not already have a PayPal account, you can go here to set one up. Many services, uncluding Ebay accept this method of payment.

A minimum payment of $50 is needed in order for you to order services for web design as well as logo development. Smaller projects (less than $50 in total) require full payment, up front. Before returning your artwork or sending your project on CD, all fees must be paid in full.

Origins of Albosauce:

What does Albosauce mean and why did you name your site after it?

The origins of Albosauce can be traced back as early as 209 C.E.. Albosauce was once worshipped by the Vikings as the God of Computer Graphics. Of course, he was a rather unknown deity to most cultures, since computers were not very commonplace in that era.

Is it true that Albosauce was named after a Norse god?

No. That is just a pretend story that I made up. I really don't know what Albosauce means, but it was the only ".com" domain name that hadn't already been taken.