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Armstrong Tool & Die
Armstrong Tool & Die Logo & Business Card.
PL Logo Sheet1
Purchase Line Logo Sheet1.
PL Logo Sheet2
Purchase Line Logo Sheet2.
3 Rivers Comm Band Festival
Three Rivers Community Band Festival Logo.
Als Landscaping
Als Landscaping Logo & Business Card.
Albo-Pepperstein original logo.
Dr R. Shawn Essey - Logo
Dr R. Shawn Essey original logo.
Miss Muffet's Tuffet
Miss Muffet's Tuffet.
Hooters Baseball
Hooters Baseball Logo Re-Creation.
DWIEN Construction Logo & T-Shirts
DWIEN Construction Logo & T-Shirts.
Ginters Cleaning Logo
Ginters Cleaning Logo.
BP Logo
My Proposed BP Logo.
KniTeena Logo
Kniteena Logo + Etsy Banner.

Designs / Layouts:

Holy Kale
Pro-Gardening T-shirt Design.
Cybernetic Mercenary Barbie
Cybernetic Mercenary Barbie - Package Design.
Pepper Power
Pro-Gardening T-shirt Design.
Patsys Market 1-Color Ad
Patsys Market 1-Color Ad.
Homes By Design
Homes By Design.
This Side Up
This Side Up.
I Think Not
Anti-Evolution T-shirt Design.
Pixie Dust
Pixie Dust.
Artists Needed
Artists Needed.
Ogre - Photo Manipulation.
Monsanto GMO Zombie Bt-Corn
Monsanto Bt-Corn - Anti-GMO Shirt Design.
Safety Has No Quitting Time
Safety Has No Quitting Time - Safety Sign.
Seasons Greetings
Mel's Mix: Compost-Peat Moss-Vermiculite - Gardening T-Shirt Design.
Don Swanson
Digital Caricature of Don Swanson.
Dragon Skin
Nettop Decal Skin.
Not Your Body
Anti-Abortion T-shirt Design.
Genetically Engineered Loops
Personal Audio CD Design.
Endangered Species
Endangered Species - Assorted Binder Backgrounds.
Tree Nymph
Tree Nymph - Photo Manipulation.
Jewel Tones
Jewel Tones - Layout for ATC.
Special Products
Special Products - Layout for ATC.
Safety Never Hurts
Safety Never Hurts - Safety Sign.
Happy Mask
Happy Mask.
Studio Sound
Studio Sound - Presentation Kit.


Als Landscaping

Traditional Artwork:

To be an Aardvark
To be an Aardvark.
Ink Wash Model
Ink Wash Model.
Ink Still Life
Ink Still Life.
Old Bitter Man
Old Bitter Man.
The Stalker
The Stalker.
Rainbow Babe
Rainbow Babe.
The Iconic Heart
The Iconic Heart.
The Kiss
The Kiss.
Digital Portrait 1
Digital Portrait 1.
Dragon Key Master
Dragon Key Master.
The Chimera
The Chimera.
Jealous Alien
Jealous Alien.
Uncle Victors Stationary
Uncle Victors Stationary.
Humpy Dragon
Humpy Dragon.
Dragon Knight
Dragon Knight.
Colored Pencil Perspective
Colored Pencil Perspective.