Yo - Yo

Ahh! My little yo-yo.
How I like to play with you
To have my way with you.
I like it when you entertain me,
If that is okay with you.
So make me laugh! Do tricks for me.
...Ok you can stop now. (I bore easily.)
Although I personally am simple and plain,
I like how you amuse me by spinning insanely.
But sometimes I'm not in the mood for you
And you fill me with disdain.
Those are the times I put you in my pocket,
Where you can't be such a pain.
I can get you out and put you away
At any time I please.
If I happen to be in the mood for you today,
Then I can pull you out with ease.
Granted, I may seem to be a tease.
But it's ME so it should be okay,
And thus, you're expected to appease.
You will do just as I say.
I own you little yo-yo.