You Haunt Me

I awaken to the thought of you.
Your face so sweet and delicate
The image of your beautiful smile
Forever seared into my mind

As I drive to work, I have a lot of time.
A lot of time to think about you
About the funny things you do
A lot of time to wish I were with you

During the day, there is one thing I can count on.
I know for a certainty that I can't escape you.
You will be haunting me through the day,
As I think of the things you do & the words you say.

When I come home at night I am alone.
And yet not alone.
For once again, you are there.
The presence of your memory.

At night as I attempt to slumber,
You will not let me.
Rather, I hear only your voice echoing through my mind.
You haunt me.