To whom it may concern:

I wanted you to know.
I'm actually quite glad,
You finally chose to go.

I thought I'd be alone.
But that is not the case.
I'm glad I'm on my own,
And mustn't see your face.

As far away from you
Is where I want to be.
I really think it's true:
You weren't the one for me!

Sometimes you'd draw away,
Sometimes you'd hold me back.
Sometimes as if to say,
"My god Bert, you're on crack!"

That's done and over now.
I do crazy stuff again.
And it seems that I've somehow,
Returned to those days when:

When friends would come see me,
And we would have a blast.
We'd act so goofily,
And joke about the past.

The past is what you are.
And that is where you'll stay.
I'm glad you live so far,
So very far away.

With whipped cream on my nose
I must bid you farewell,
I guess that's how it goes.

ForNever yours,
~dear AL