I can never get enough of you.
Yet I wish you'd pass me by.
Those occasions when you ought to stay
Are those times you always fly.

All I want is a "FASTFORWARD" knob.
A "REWIND" switch would be nice.
Then I'd skip the times that really stink,
And re-live the good ones twice!

Are you Friend or Foe? I ask: "Who knows!?"
Trusting YOU is a mistake.
Though they say that you can heal all wounds,
What about the ones you make?

You have separated me from friends,
So that we may never speak.
You have taken many dear friends from me.
As I see loved ones grow weak.

Then you stand there in my way and say,
"Upon ME you have to wait!"
You refuse to let me pass the "now."
Being stuck here is my fate!