A Summer Drive

I think that I’ll go drive to town.
I cruise down the road with my windows rolled down.
The air blows in. My cares fly by.
The sun brightly shines in the warm summer sky.

I feel it warm my darkened skin.
I pop in a CD and let it begin.
My favorite song now starts to play.
I turn up my stereo all of the way.

At times I have to be alone
To think how I’ve changed and the ways I have grown.
A lot has changed in these past years.
I’ve overcome obstacles and many fears.

I’ve learned a thing or two you see.
I’m not quite as dumb as I once used to be.
I’ve lost some friends and gained some too.
I now can identify which ones were true.

And all of this goes through my mind,
While driving around with my worries behind.
There’s no distractions on this ride.
Just me and my car and the mem’ries inside

My mind is cleansed by fresh, pure air.
The sunlight refreshes me beyond compare.
My music calms my stress away.
You can’t beat a ride on a warm summer day!