It's Spring!

Green things sprouting from the ground.
Signs of Spring are all around.
The grass now green instead of brown.
Winter’s curtain’s falling down.

The days are longer; warmer too.
The flowers bloom forth fresh and new.
The trees fresh leaves do now appear,
Showing signs that summer’s near.

A time to laugh. A time to play.
I can’t help but enjoy myself today.
A refreshing breeze blows by my face.
Winter’s gone and left no trace.

It’s Spring! It’s Spring! I want to shout.
So outside I run, and jump about.
The birds are chirping. The sun’s so bright.
A perfect day to fly a kite!!

The wind uplifts my kite so high,
‘Til it’s a mere speck in the sky.
A wondrous day of wondrous things.
A great day indeed! For now it’s Spring!!