The Principle

Do you get the point?
As you turn up your nose
And hide behind your rules
Not knowing from where they arose.

When you stand there,
Superior in every way,
Straining even the smallest gnat
And expecting others to obey.

Do you really think,
That in all your pointless traditions,
You're somehow better?
As though "brotherhood" entails competition?

You know the "what,"
You know the "when" and even the "where."
But if you don't know the "why,"
Then why should you even care?

You're missing the point.
The whole principle involved.
The underlying reasons
From which all rules evolved.

Your worship is nothing.
It is a mere formality.
As you vocalize your views
And demand conformity.

You've hidden yourself
As you flaunt your authority.
And you seem to interpret rebellion
When you see individuality.

Don't try to control me.
I am not a mindless drone.
I know how to look at the principles
And I can decide on my own.