Perhaps it's the fear of rejection or being alone.
The pain of betrayal by one whom you trusted
The sudden loss of a friend you so deeply loved
The remaining scars of an accident long since passed

An intricate snowflake that tickles your nose
A sunset so brilliant, you can't quite describe.
A beautifully painted landscape in Mid-October
Or a fresh spring-time breeze to liven your spirits

An unexpected gift at just the right time
It's not what he said, but the way he said it.
It is felt in the warm embrace of a loved one.
It is that friend who was there when no one else was.

Perhaps it's the Devil against whom we fight,
Or our personal struggle to stand for what's right.
It's those things we may see and experience each day.
It's the love we receive, that we could never repay.

It surrounds us, and at times astounds us.
Everywhere that we look it's right there around us.
Yet another good place to look is inside.
For that's where the words, phrases, and emotions reside.

But it isn't Poetry until YOU make it so.
If you don't write it down, how will others know?