I'm an Artist

Please take advantage of me.
You may feel free to abuse me.
Let me work for you for months at a time,
But don't pay me cuz that'll confuse me.

I'm supposed to be starving.
I thank you for helping to keep me that way.
Even though you are my employer,
I'm an Artist, so I don't need any pay.

"Hello. It's nice to hear from you.
What's that? You say you need a 'favor'?"
So many friends come out of the woodwork,
When they want FREE artistic labor.

But I have nothing better to do with my time,
So that's perfectly okay.
After all, I just sit at home with my paints
And draw naked pictures all day.

Granted, I don't have a REAL job,
But at least it's one that I can bear!
And although you will never respect me,
I'm an Artist and you'll never compare!