If You Please

I've been trying to find you.
You don't know what I've been through.

My search was not easy.
So please do not tease me.

Don't lead me down a dead end street.
I've been living this long just so we could meet.

Each breath that I take
And each morning I wake

Has been in preparation
Of our first salutation.

And now that our lives have finally crossed
We can't let this moment ever be lost.

Please don't misjudge me. I just want a chance.
Please don't dismiss me upon your first glance.

Although we may be a whole octave apart,
We've been perfectly attuned right from the start.

Are you feeling the same harmony I've felt?
The more I know of you, the more my heart melts.

If there's even a chance that you and I could be,
Shouldn't we explore the possibility?

For both of our sakes, shouldn't we try?
We cannot allow this to just pass us by.

And so, if you please, let's give it a shot.
We've nothing to lose, but we might gain a lot.