I am Lost

I muddle along.
I trip and I stumble.
As I look around me my world seems to crumble.

I turn on a song,
So as to feel better.
But all that I feel is my heart getting deader.

I put on my mask,
And I walk straight ahead.
I can't let them see, so I hide it instead.

Sometimes they ask.
So I tell them I'm fine.
But the simple truth is that I have lost my mind.

I've lost all direction,
All my purpose in life.
In its place, all that's left is confusion and strife.

As I see my reflection,
In the mirror before me,
The lines on my face, convey their own story.

Of sleepless nights,
Of malnourished affections.
Of a life overflowing with many distractions.

Each day is a fight
As I try to repress
This feeling I have of complete emptiness.

Though I'm constantly moving,
I don't know which way.
I go about aimlessly from day to day.

There's no sense in proving,
Something not even true.
The fact is, I've been lost. And I blame it on you.