Graduation Day

All those years of hard work
Were not wasted away.
It has finally paid off
On this one final day!

It’s icky and sticky
Tonight at my school.
I come in this evening
Dressed up like a fool.

First there’s my square cap:
Three sizes too small.
Why is it they tell me
It’s "one-size-fits-all"?

Dangling down in my face
Is that silly red tassel.
It’s bothering me,
And is not worth the hassle.

But then there’s that cheap, thin,
Gray acetate gown.
I dare not get caught
Wearing it around town.

When I wear it, it looks like
An old lady’s blouse.
It’s all baggy and wrinkly
And as big as a house.

So I sit in that greenhouse
On stage with my friends.
We are not very comfy,
But we try to pretend.

And soon it’s all over
As we’re sent on our way.
Our diploma in hand,
So ends graduation day!