My Favorite Program

I don't like this program.
Actually, I love it very much,
But I can't stand to watch it.
Each episode manages to upset me more.
Meanwhile, I would do anything to be in the cast.
To have a chance to interact with my favorite actress.
Or better yet, to be able to re-write the script.
Yes, if I could only re-write the script!
To change the scene; The supporting characters.
To give my actress the life she deserves.
But I can't. I'm powerless.
I am merely a viewer.
Though I wish to god that I could just change the channel,
I can't.
Because then I wouldn't get to watch her.
To know what is happening in her life.
Someday I would flip back to that station,
And I wouldn't know what was going on anymore.
So although it pains me to watch her suffer for the sake of drama,
I will remain a faithful viewer and hope that in the final series,
She will end up happy.
It will all work out.
She'll get the guy and everything will be OK.
That's what I keep telling myself.