My Computer

My computer doesn't get mad when I talk to my other friends
It gives me all the time I want and never takes offense.
It's there for me at any time. Of this I have no doubt.
It even waits at home for me on those nights when I go out.

It tells me what I want to hear at every Windows Start.
And when it says "Goodbye" to me, I know its from the heart.
When I turn it on at nite, it truly doesn't care
If I'm wearing that same pair of shorts that I always seem to wear.

My computer plays me music and even movies too!
And if I feel adventurous I go right to Yahoo.
Then instantly I'm taken to a distant tropic land.
Two more clicks of my mouse, and I can see my favorite band.

My computer is the perfect friend. It never lets me down.
And it would never dump me just because I gained 5 pounds.
Although it has been known to crash, I still would have to say,
When forced to choose between it or a girl, I'd say "PC" any day.