True Beauty

I awoke, got ready, and was soon on my way

To meet with my dear firend, whom I met ev'ry day.

And as was our custom, we would joke, laugh, and talk,

As we would go walking, on our many long walks.

On this one fine morning, my friend happened to see,

A delicate flower, one of immense beauty.

There was no resisting, I could see as he snatched

That small pretty flower from that small flower patch.

"Now why did you do that?" I was somewhat perturbed.

"It would have been better to have gone undisturbed."

But I did not persue the matter anymore,

And so we continued, on our brisk woodland tour.

It wasn't much longer until I then stumbled,

On a piece of the trail which seemed to have crumbled.

Upon a second glance, I then soon discovered,

A round baseball-sized stone my fall had uncovered.

I realized that this was not some common stone.

And so I picked it up. A treasure for my own.

My companion then looked at my small chunk of dirt.

"What do you want with that?" I heard him rudely blurt.

Of course I paid no heed as we went on our way.

We arrived at my house slightly later that day.

His flower which had been so delicate and sweet,

Was now withered and dried by the strong summer heat.

I showed to him my stone. There was not much to see.

An ordinary rock, quite rigid, and dirty.

I brought out a hammer. Without saying a sound,

I smashed my little stone. Do you know what we found?

The rock had cracked open, allowing us to see

Tiny violet crystals, shining forth their beauty.

"A geode," I told him, as he looked on in awe

At the amethyst shards, wondrous and without flaw.

"External appearence is but mere vanity."

"Don't judge by the outside. Rather, look inwardly."